Al-Dawaa cares about its employees and believes that they are one of the most important pillars to reach its goals. Therefore, the Human Resources Department takes great care of its employees, by focusing on providing an appropriate and healthy work environment and to provide a set of training and rehabilitation programs to develop their skills, in addition to devising methods and activities to motivate them and increase their loyalty.

The Human Resources Department focuses on guiding employees within the company’s regulations by providing the necessary tools, supervision, knowledge, training and administrative services through worldwide HR management system Success Factor, in addition to providing advisory advice on administrative matters and labor laws.

Internal communication

In Al-Dawaa pharmacies, we believe that our employees are not only employees, but they are partners of the success and achievements of the company.

Through the internal communication department, we seek to build trust between the company and its employees.

The department’s initiatives and framework from marketing communication activities to its internal events aims to lead and strengthen the organizational communication and loyalty.

It is crucial for our department to pay attention to their needs. A committed and engaged employee will increase the quality of performance and drive business results. We focus on developing a work environment that encourages team spirit, employee satisfaction and engagement as they are the heart and soul of our organization.

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