“More than 25 Years of hands-on Leadership"

Mohammed Al-Farraj

CEO, Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co. (DMSCO)

Yesterday, it was only ink on paper… our ambitious plans is to serve this community by providing the best medical care, in accordance with our mission promise of better care for life. We continue to grow, in pursuit of our plans to achieve our fullest potential.


Today, we continue to pursue our plans to achieve our ambitious goals through our passionate leaders and employees; their diligence and dedication in developing the field of healthcare enabled us to reach where we are. We are fortunate to have such a strong foundation on which to build our future development and growth.

"We’re harvesting the fruit of our efforts to deliver better care for life"

Waleed Al-Jaafari

Managing Director, Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co. (DMSCO)

At Al-Dawaa Medical Services, we continuously strive to provide the most complete range of medical care available Kingdom wide. We are proud to have built our pharmacy network from warehousing and the implementation of the latest technologies in our filed to establish the largest infrastructure of its kind; now exceeding more than 900 branches throughout all regions of Saudi Arabia.

Today we are committed to redoubling our efforts, to further the development of our capabilities and services, towards delivering the best care for life.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS | Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co.