Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company (“Al-Dawaa” or the “Company”), one of the leading pharmaceutical retail companies in Saudi Arabia, has announced its intention to proceed with an initial public offering and listing of its ordinary shares on the Saudi Exchange’s Main Market. On 22 December 2021, the Capital Market Authority approved the Company’s application for the Offering.

The IPO of Al-Dawaa comprises an offer of 25.5 million ordinary shares, representing 30% of the Company’s capital of SAR 850 million by way of a sale of existing shares by existing shareholders.

The Offer Shares will be offered for subscription to retail and institutional investors. 100% of the Offer Shares will be offered to institutional investors, with a clawback to retail investors of up to 10% of the offered Shares.

Company Overview

Al-Dawaa’s first pharmacy was established in 1993 and since then the Company has succeeded in becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical retailers in Saudi Arabia, including via its chain of over 800 pharmacies across the Kingdom together with online and wholesale channels.

The Company benefits from market-leading digital and logistical infrastructure. This includes the Company’s main warehouse in Sudair which uses state-of-the-art, 95% automated operations, making it one of a very limited number of global players that apply modern technologies for the preparation of medicines. The unique supply chain also supports Al-Dawaa’s e-commerce platform.

Al-Dawaa is an active strategic partner for key public and private entities, including its leadership in the Wasfaty e-Prescribing solution from the Ministry of Health and its status as the first pharmacy network of this size and number approved to administer Covid-19 vaccines in the Kingdom.


“It is thanks to our team’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to serving our customers, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology and supply-chain infrastructure, that we have achieved so much to date.  Now, we believe it is the right time for us to embark on the next phase of our growth, leveraging the strong demand drivers and opportunities that present a promising future for our company.”

Mr. Samir Abdulhadi

Chairman of Al-Dawaa

“Our IPO marks a major milestone in our “Care for Life” journey. Since first setting out to revolutionise the pharmaceutical retail sector in Saudi Arabia in 1991, we have become one of the leaders in this space in the Kingdom, with a strong network of pharmacies and the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in our field. What is more, we are proud partners of the Saudi government’s Wasfaty initiative and our customers in delivering our mission to improve the overall quality of life in the Kingdom in line with Vision 2030. All of this will fuel our strategic expansion as we plan for our future success.”

Mr. Mohammed Al-Farraj

CEO of Al-Dawaa


23rd Jan 2022
ITF announcement
13th Feb 2022
Book Building starts
17th Feb 2022
Book Building ends
27th Feb 2022
Retail Subscription starts
1st Mar 2022
Retail Subscription ends
9th Mar 2022
Allocation and Refund


  • Network of pharmacies across Saudi Arabia and growing via highly targeted expansion

  • A leading e-commerce platform in the kingdom in its sector with a native app

  • Strong demand drivers & attractive growth opportunities

  • Competitive edge thanks to unrivalled tech-enabled logistical and distribution capabilities

  • Unique value proposition with exclusive services such as Dawaok drug adherence program

  • Experienced and longserving management + highly qualified pharmacists



The shares will be listed on the Main Market of the Saudi Exchange.

The final price of the shares will be set after the book building is complete.

Subscription to the offer is available to:

  • Participating Parties: This tranche comprises the parties entitled to participate in the book-building process as specified under the Book-Building Instructions.
  • Individual Investors: This tranche comprises Saudi Arabian nationals, in addition to any non-Saudi natural person who is resident in the Kingdom and any GCC natural person, provided they have a bank account with one of the Receiving Entities and are entitled to open an investment account. Further details will be disclosed in the prospectus in due course.

Please contact one of the selling agents listed below: Saudi National Bank (SNB), Al Rajhi Bank, the Saudi British Bank or Riyad Bank; or the Bookrunner GIB Capital which can advise you on the process to invest. Further details will be disclosed in the prospectus in due course. We also recommend discussing your investment related queries with your financial advisor.


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